At Ryan, we are dedicated to serving the needs of students for whom English is a NEW language. Students who are identified as speaking a language other than English at home and score below “Commanding” on the NYSITELL when they enter our school system will receive English as a New Language (ENL) services. ENL services will be provided in two different ways: Integrated ENL and the Standalone model. The Integrated model is when the ENL teacher and content area teachers collaborate to meet the needs of the English Language Learners (ELLs) in their class. The Standalone model is when a small group of ELLs work with the ENL teacher in his/her classroom on English skills to support their content-area learning. Additionally, we will be providing Title III-funded After-School ENL support for selected students. We create a rigorous learning environment for all students by working closely with content area teachers and staff, promoting parental involvement, improving material resources, and differentiating instruction for a variety of ELLs.

Parents, a good way to help your children improve their English language skills at home is to take frequent trips to the library, watch educational programs and movies, as well as go on excursions throughout New York City. There are many helpful sites that are interactive and have tools that can assist you and your child including using the resources to the right.