Staff: Mr. Brenner

Chess Club

The artist and founder of Dadaism, Marcel Duchamp, once said, “Not every artist is a chess player, but every chess player is an artist”. This ancient game has more possible positional variations than there are electrons in the entire UNIVERSE! The Chess Club meets weekly on Thursdays and consists of a few different sub-categories of activities within it. First, there are some students who already know how to play chess and come to chess club simply to have fun and play the game with other like-minded students. In chess club, these students have me, as well as their peers, for clarification of minor rules of the game, advice on strategy, and a high quality pool of eager opponents.

There is also the opportunity for those seeking to improve their game to learn about basic strategy, opening sequences, and end game study. I personally like to teach the English opening, Ruy Lopez Opening, Semi- Slav defense, and Modern opening. I also teach some tricks and traps like the Scholars mate.