Our multidimensional academic programs free students from conventional boundaries, allowing them to learn deeply from many perspectives.


MS 216 Ryan offers an array of after-school activities to appeal to the interests of our diverse community of students.


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Ryan 216

Health & Wellness at Ryan

A Message from Dr. Daphne VanDorn

Welcome to the George J. Ryan Middle School
Principal’s Message – Dr. Daphne VanDorn, Ed.D.
I am grateful for the opportunity to lead and represent our Ryan
community. I look forward to building strong and positive
partnerships that will support our students, staff, and families.
It is my priority to create a learning environment where our students thrive during their middle
school years while laying a strong foundation for high school and beyond.
At Ryan, we constantly strive to provide innovative instructional methods to engage students in
literacy across every classroom, a variety of applications in technology, and 21st Century skills
yielding proficient readers, writers, speakers, listeners, and thinkers.
Together, we will foster a culture that celebrates the hard work of our staff and our students while
emphasizing the importance of self-care and mindfulness.
Together, we are committed to preparing our students academically, socially and emotionally so they
can be successful in today’s society and beyond.
Together, we are Ryan Lions!
Growing Together as a Community

Awesome Facts

Academic Achievements

  1. 2018: Ranked #15 of all public middle schools in NYC for student performance.
  2. 2018: Ranked #26 (up from #45 in 2017) in NYS for student performance.​
  3. NYC Quality Review Score: Well-Developed in 5 out of 5 categories
  4. Specialized HS Acceptances: Ranked #8 by the NY Times in 2018 article including #1 ranking for African American and Latino acceptances for top-ten middle schools (34%)
  5. NICHE Rankings:2018 NICHE Standout School (Grade “A”)
    #15 NICHE Middle School in New York State
    #55(of 1236) Best Public Middle School Teachers

High Performance

We are a Chancellor’s Select School* in the following categories:

  • Learning Partners Plus School: 1 of 11 schools selected citywide to showcase best practices.
  • Common Core Lab School:  1 of 37 select schools in NYC

Mission Statement

“At George J. Ryan Middle School, we have a diverse community focusing on a student-centered environment, promoting mutual respect for all and maximizing students’ potential for high school readiness.  We prepare all learners with a differentiated curriculum that is relevant, meaningful, and actively engages students in our commitment to high standards.  We educate the whole child with a strong focus on the five themes of citizenship – Honesty, Compassion, Respect, Responsibility, and Courage.”

Other Ryan Facts

  • Three Academies: Law and Justice, Media Arts, and Scientific Exploration
  • Talent Program: Visual Arts, Dance, Chorus, Band
  • Technology: 25 iPad Classroom Labs, 7 Laptop Labs, 7 Chromebook Labs, SMARTBoards in every classroom, Media/Library Center, MyOn Reading (online books accessible on any computer, tablet, or smartphone), Online textbooks
  • Robotics Curriculum: Every 6th grade student takes Robotics twice a week, Currently Queens Borough Lego education Robotics Champions
  • Home/School Communication: PupilPath (online and text msg.), Principal’s Weekly Phone Messages, Monthly Parent Calendars, Monthly Parent Newsletters, PTA Mtgs., SLT Mtgs.
  • Saturday Academy: Dance, ESL Enrichment, Filmmaking
  • Academic Teams: Math Team, Science Olympiad, Robotics Team, Chess Team, Terraphiles Environmental Team, Project Boost Team
  • Sports Teams: Basketball (Boys and Girls), Volleyball, Track
  • After-school Activities: Student Organization, Chess Club, Guitar Club, Theater Club, Robotics, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Soccer, Academic Intervention in ELA and Mathematics, Beacon Program, Homework Help Tutoring Program

Quality Programs

We have an established Gifted Program called IGC. The program has been in existence for 8 years. Incoming applicants take a Gifted and Talented exam created by Dr. Seokhee Cho from St. John’s University.

This assessment covers general academics, logical thinking, and intellectually gifted attributes. There is a writing component and an interview. Students are ranked for admission into our prestigious IGC class. The IGC curriculum is accelerated and was created by Ryan IGC teachers with assistance from professors at St. John’s University.

IGC students receive additional weighted average grades based on the accelerated coursework. Since its inception, 98% of our IGC students get into NYC Specialized High Schools. Last 5 years, all our IGC students (100%) were accepted into Specialized High Schools.

We have a partnership with St. John’s University, that allows our IGC teachers access to best practices for teaching intellectually gifted children and several of our IGC teachers have received certification for Gifted and Talented instruction through that partnership.

Stay up to date

Your Child, Your School, Your PTA!

The PTA and Ryan 216 both have important news for parents each week. Please be reminded that monthly calendars and newsletters are sent home via email and as handouts to your child. Also, with our School Messenger System, we send informative phone calls weekly reminding you about upcoming Ryan events and accomplishments.

Contact Your Parent Coordinator

Mr. Jordan Nichols by email: [email protected]


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